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PostSubject: THIS FORUMS RULES.   Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:59 am

Hello, fellow detectorists.  I've added these rules, incase people aren't familiar with typical forum etiquette.  Please take a moment to have a look at these rules.

1)  Treat each other with respect.  Please don't swear on our forums (we may have younger viewers) or be abusive in any way towards any other forum member.  We don't accept any aggressive posting of any kind.  Please be aware that any violation of this rule will result in an instant ban.

2)  Keep away from subjects concerning politics, sexism, race, or religion.  Whilst mature discussions concerning race are welcomed (as it can be related to metal detecting) any inflammatory discussions will be deleted, and the user, banned.

3)  Please do not promote other forums or other Facebook pages on this forum.  Also, please don't use these forums as a place to promote your youtube channel.  Posting videos is fine and welcomed, but constant channel promoting will equal a ban.

4)  We reserve the right to delete/alter any topic if feel feel it is in violation of any of the above rules, or others.

5) Have fun
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